Image Return Policy And Warranty Information


     Please educate yourself about the device you have bought by going to & follow the links explaining your product. On YouTube, this can be done via searching “how to use a (your device) as a vapor Device”. On our website, check out our FAQ section.


*Note: Most items have instructions inside the product packaging.*


      We are not responsible for the training required for higher level vaping devices. Some self-education is required to achieve maximum optimization of your device.








 *If you have a product purchased in-store that is eligible for return,

Please DO NOT RETURN the product to the store.*




WEBSITE PURCHASE: You must include a written explanation of the problem you are experiencing. Please include your name, email address, phone number, best time to contact you, your order number and the shipping address used during purchase. This will better allow us to quickly fulfill your needs.


IN-STORE PURCHASE: No item purchased in-store can be returned/warrantied without the original sales receipt. We require the receipt to include the date and time of purchase, and to be signed by both the store and the consumer returning the products.  We require a small explanation from the store, due to the numerous variables involved with pseudo-failures. We also require a written explanation from the consumer including your name, email address, phone number, best time to contact you, your shipping address, and the reason of return.



Once you have met the appropriate requirements,




Please ship product to:

Image Electronic Cigarettes

800 East Quitman Street

Iuka, Mississippi 38852




     Upon arrival, our team of trained professionals will examine your device. If there is a malfunction in manufacturing, Image Electronic Cigarettes will replace your product with a new product, as well as free goods to make up for your shipping costs.


     If the item has been subjected to abuse, misused, incorrectly operated, or classified as normal use, a service fee will be billed to the customer and the options of replacement, repair, or credit will be available for you to apply to another purchase. If your item classifies as “Repairable,” (Meaning the device can be repaired for less than the cost of a new device) a repair quote will be sent to you and the service can be carried out upon customer approval.


     Although we strive to provide 100% satisfaction, some items are not eligible for returns. This includes but is not limited to: E-liquids, disposable products, coils, kanthal wire, and cotton.











     If the product has been damaged by you, the store owner, please email with the subject: Repairs. Please include photos of the damaged product and a detailed description of the damaged product. Please Note: During this process, you will be assigned a case number. Please keep your case number.


     Most problems can be solved through email communication. If not, Image Electronic Cigarettes will attempt to fix your product for you with the cost of repair time, parts, and shipping to be assumed by you. An estimate of cost will be emailed to you upon request.



Ineligible Products for Return


1. Liquid goods are not eligible for return or exchange due to the possibility of dilution or contamination. Image Electronic Cigarettes takes health and safety very seriously.


2. Products with destroyed packaging.


3. Free Products given as promotional items.


4. Flavor Station Display




     If you wish to return unsold products, the products must be in 100% new condition and ready to be resold. You have 90 Days from time of sale to return products, if you have priced the item at a reasonable markup, not to exceed 10% of SRP. Image Electronic Cigarettes requires the returned products to be unopened and free of damage or manipulated boxes and plastic covering. Products must be free of stickers, sticker residue, or writing. Any store needing to return items may call Image ™ directly to arrange pick up or a special offer to reduce the price in order to move the items through the retail process.










      We carry only a manufacturer’s warranty, provided from the original manufacturer. Water damage, abuse, neglect, or misuse are not covered. Some manufacturer’s warranties can be found online.


     If the device has been subjected to abuse, misused, incorrectly operated, or classified as normal use by the consumer, we will repair or replace it with all costs including repair time, parts, and shipping to be assumed by the consumer.


Products Excluded from Warranty


1. Beginner/Disposable devices, such as the CE4 starter kit or our disposable e-cigs, do not carry any warranty. The CE4 Atomizer is considered disposable due to the inability to replace the coil and working parts.

2. Coils, replacement parts, wicks, and wire. These are meant to be used for a short time and then replaced by the consumers.

3. For store owners: Pre-books and/or special orders, including special order signage, custom displays, and other custom products made for a store with a signed order. In the event of the refusal of an order, the invoice for the special made items will be sent to your store.



STORE OWNERS: A record of any free product given to stores for buy down purposes will be sent to Core-Mark. These “Buy Down Products” are not eligible for refund, exchange, or return. Costs of displays and labor will be billed if the display is damaged in store or inappropriately used to display products not purchased through Image Electronic Cigarettes.   No store with special order or a special built display will be will eligible for returns. Please contact Image ™ with any further questions or concerns.




Image Electronic Cigarettes

800 East Quitman St

Iuka, MS 38852 USA

662 424 9754 Office

662 424 9756 Fax


**We do not offer money back on purchases and all sales are final; please choose your devices carefully. Return policies are subject to change without posted notice.**